Foreclosure Defense

The Law Offices of Denise T. Herman, P.A. has a variety of options to help you stay in your home if you recently defaulted on your home loan. We encourage you to be proactive. Let us guide you toward the steps that can be taken to protect your home.

Foreclosure Defense

If you need assistance defending against the threat of foreclosure, Ms. Herman and her staff will begin by conducting a full assessment of your financial situation. Being on the cutting edge of consumer rights issues means we are well versed in various foreclosure options.. We will review all applicable options to determine which one will most effectively prevent foreclosure.
One of the most common options is to seek home loan modification. In the past, seeking modification was a challenge. However, lenders are working with debtors to avoid foreclosure. If a lender is unwilling to cooperate, the next step is to go through foreclosure mediation and ultimately force the financial institution to modify the home loan.

Bankruptcy and Other Foreclosure Prevention and Intervention Options

Depending on the financial situation, which may involve various debts, bankruptcy may be an option to consider. Bankruptcy puts an immediate halt to foreclosure proceedings and, in some cases, may be able to save the home.
If foreclosure cannot be prevented through these means, a short sale may be necessary. We can guide you through that process. We can also protect people who have been foreclosed upon against issues with second home loans.

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